Interlocking Pavers: When is the Right Time to Repair?

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Interlocking Pavers: When is the Right Time to Repair?

In this modern time, your building project is incomplete without the use of quality pavers for landscaping. The benefits of interlocking pavers can’t be overestimated, which is why most homeowners widely prefer the material over other conventional options. However, with its different styles, usage, features, and durability, proper maintenance or repair might be required soon after installation.

Surprised? Upon installation, your pavers looked absolutely breathtaking! But after a few months, you feel disappointed at the sight of the project. Why? Pavers look crooked, terrible, and completely out of place. You begin to wonder where you got things wrong, with so many questions on your mind. Well, the truth is – you hired an incompetent contractor for your paving project.

Generally, expertly installed interlocking concrete pavers have a relatively low repair or maintenance tendency, while also providing an appealing surface for decades. On the other hand, underfoot and vehicular movement, pavers can become exposed to stains, wear, and dirt over time.

In this article, we’ll be discussing why your interlocking pavers need adequate maintenance, as well as the perfect time to get a repair. Let’s get started!


When Your Pavers Start shifting

Whenever paver shifting occurs, one thing comes to mind – the base! In as much as there are several factors that can cause pavers to shift out of place, one common cause is a shallow base. Of course, a paving contractor can cut cost on materials by just skimping the base, unfortunately, the pavement structure will surely be compromised.

With this in mind, a professionally installed paver base helps prevent sliding or shifting. Additionally, the standard measurement for paver bases is about 8 inches deep. You should also note that poorly compacted pavers after installation may facilitate the easy shift. So, if you are experiencing this with your pavers, it’s time to call for a repair.


Borders Falling Apart

One of the defining characteristics of concrete pavers’ durability is the strong borders and edges. Once the borders start falling apart, then the whole pavers are good as gone! This is why the edges and tips of interlocked areas should be treated specially since they don’t have supporting units on all sides. So any pressure applied on them makes it easy for them to fall off the edge.

Can this be corrected? Yes before it’s too late! Your South Florida paver company should equip the paver borders with edge restraints to correct this. Although, it’s surprising that a huge number of incompetent paving contractors fail to implement this essential detail. Finally, if your pavers’ edges have largely fallen apart, you should get a repair as soon as possible!


When Water is Puddling on the Pavers

As mentioned, an uncorrected drainage problem can lead to the patio beginning to sink as the ground underneath it erodes. As this happens, a crack can be inferred on the pavers and settling occurs.

Sunken pavers can lead to water pudding on top of the patio. Puddling can also occur when the pitch isn’t correct. This could lead to low areas that will always retain a large volume of water.

Similarly, we’ve seen plant beds totally surrounding a patio get washed away. This is because water has rushed across the paver instead of being properly channeled away from the landscaping. Given these points, if your surface is affected, contact a paving specialist in South Florida for immediate repair today.

When You Observe a Leaning Edge

Without a solid edging system along the perimeter of your concrete pavers, the edge may begin to separate from the patio and start to lean. An edging system keeps the pavers in place and a superior edging product helps keep pavers contained.

Significantly, a successful edging system requires proper installation. This all starts with the base. The base should extend beyond the patio edging product by a minimum of six inches so that it has a firm and stable foundation to rest upon.

If a solid edging system was not part of your patio construction or if it was installed improperly, then a problem is imminent. You’re likely to end up with the edge leaning or even dropping off entirely.

Various options exist for edging, from plastic frames that are pinned into the base material, to additional landscape materials such as wall block or edgestone. Overall, you need the help of a professional paving contractor in South Florida to restore your pavers.


An Area of Your Pavers Has Sunk

Again, sunken pavers are not only an eyesore, but they are also typically a warning sign of a larger problem. In fact, a pavement that’s sinking might have had a drainage problem that was left unaddressed prior to the construction. This issue will need to be addressed, corrected, then pavers will need to be re-laid.

Specifically, it could also just be that the base was not properly prepared before the pavers were laid on it. Without a doubt, the base material layer is the most critical element of the entire paving installation.

Preparing a base requires proper excavation (to a depth determined by factors such as soil type and site drainage). Failing to excavate deep enough is indeed a reason for sunken pavers and ultimate patio failure. Poor soils and trash left from builders during construction absolutely must be removed during the excavation as overstabilization of the patio site is extremely important to its integrity.

So, if pavers are sinking, it might be an issue of improper compaction of the base material. If it loosens over time, the pavers might begin to sink. Or, it’s also possible that not enough gravel was used in the first place.

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