How To Install Pavers – The Easy Steps

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Installing interlocking pavers in your outdoor space can transform your environment into an enchanting gathering area. Using pavers to recreate your patio is less expensive and allows you to choose a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. Although it would take lots of effort to install pavers in your outdoor space, you can do it quickly and it will be worth the effort

While your paver needs to look and feel comfortable, what’s more, important is installing your paver properly. There are other aspects to consider while landscaping your outdoor space – like making sure that issues such as soil stability and drainage requirements are well-handled before you set out to install your pavers. And a well-finished job that would last you a lifetime is what you would get.

In essence, installing your paver requires lots of patience and effort to give you that magnificent look. If you think the process is tedious for you, you simply can call a reliable paver contractor company in South Florida. Below are a few steps to be taken before and when installing your pavers, read on.

Make a Plan

A good plan is necessary, as well as crucial for a successful paver installation project in South Florida. Before venturing into any project, you need to have a solid plan and so it is when it comes to installing a paver. You can get a drawing sheet and pencil, sketch where you would want your driveway, or walkway or even pool patio to be located.

Make sure while sketching out the area, that you create a drainage area around your paver and let it slope away from your house and structures. The drainage needs to be durable and safe, so your job can be perfect. Choose your paving pattern, design, and colors to match your roof and sidings.


Check with Your Local Utility Companies Before Installing

Pavers are beautiful and attractive and also comfortable, but it is essential to check with your local utility companies around before you begin any project in order not to destroy any form of pipes or cables. Alternatively, you can call them if you can’t visit the office and have them come to look up your site and mark out any area with cables or pipe if any.


Choose the Pavers

When it comes to pavers, there are lots of choices for you to make. Most often, concrete or bricks are preferable, and they come in different styles, colors, shapes, and sizes. You can always choose the one that best suits your style and your budget.

Try to calculate the number of pavers you will be needing by merely measuring the square footage and adding an extra 5% so that you don’t get stranded along the way. If perhaps your design has lots of curves, then try adding 10% over your estimate.

In other words, try to order a bit more than what you would be needing because you might cut up most of the paves so it could fit into your design. Therefore making you need extra to complete your job.


Mark the Area

Mark the area you want to install your paver, preferably with white paint because it works well and makes the working area evident for anyone to see. Another option is for you to use a garden hose to create a boundary.



Determine the height you would want your pavers to reach, and while doing so, don’t forget to direct your slope downwards and away from your home. Place a pole around the parameter and place a string to determine the height of your paver so you can trace it. Calculate the depth of the excavation you will need and begin excavating. When you’ve completed the excavation process, you need to establish a temporary border around the surface area.

Base Material

Once you’ve completed your excavation process, your next step should be laying off your base materials. The base material consists of rocks that are being crushed into various sizes and sharp ends like gravels, which makes compaction easy. The base material should be thick and suitable for what plans you have for it. However, if it’s going to be a driveway, it should be thicker than that of a patio.


Edge Restraint

Edging in pavers are very necessary because it saves your paver from getting damaged. If you want proper maintenance and durability for your pavers, then an edge restraint is what you need to protect it from harsh weather and high traffic usage. These edge restraints are made from plastic, metal, wood and pre-cast concrete. Nevertheless, your paver installation is incomplete without an edge restraint.


Sand Bedding

Before you lay the pavers, you need to place a layer of sand bedding on the base material. This sand bedding layer provides a bed in which the pavers are being laid. The sand bedding also protects the sand joint from washing away. So be sure not to miss out this point!


Laying Pavers

This is basically the last step in the paver installation process. It involves laying your pavers in the pattern and design which you had planned. Lay them closely and tightly, according to how you designed it to be. Though some pavers have space that comes with it due to the paver designs. After you might have laid the pavers, and it seemed perfect to you, the next step is to pour fine sand all over the surface of your paver. The sand fills the joint and locks the pavers into its place.

Final Ideas

By following the above steps, the process of installing your pavers is finally complete, but you should know that after laying the pavers and sweeping fine sand on it, you also need to seal it up and have it in mind that it requires adequate maintenance. Sealing your pavers with a binding sealant is to make sure the joint sand does not disappear completely and also prevent the growth of weed.

Pavers make your home more appealing, and the steps involved in installing it isn’t too tedious, but if you can’t do it yourself, then you can hire professional paving contractors in South Florida to help you do the job faster and flawlessly to give your outside space the value and beauty it deserves.

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